Every year we offer a range of whole hives and beehive nucs for sale, with sets for both available. Great for new and experienced beekeepers alike, our high-quality hives are ready to go for your farm. All our whole hive nucs are supplied with a healthy, laying honeybee queen, frames of brood covering all stages of development, and transport hive, giving you a complete beehive delivered from us.


As with everything we do, when we offer beehive nucs for sale, we go the extra mile to make sure that it is of the highest quality possible, and everything is provided safely and securely for the wellbeing of the bees themselves. Our honeybees are good-tempered, and ideal for beginners as they are easy to handle on the hive comb while remaining a rewarding option for experienced beekeepers looking for a whole hive nuc.


We specialize in providing beehive nucs for sale that feature productive bees that are a real joy to be around because we truly believe that beekeeping is one of the very best therapeutic activities that you will find anywhere. Each year our beehives are ready during April, and with both nucs and whole hive sets available, there is something for every need.

However, we do not have unlimited supplies, and our beehive nucs for sale are offered through a pre-order process so that we don’t leave anyone disappointed. It works simply though, we take reservations for our hives until they are all reserved, and then any interest after that we place in a waiting list. Should any sales for reserved hives fall through for any reason, then we take the waiting list in order. That way, everyone has a fair chance and we all know where we are with things.

If you would like one of our beehive nucs for sale, then get in touch today to make your reservation, we are also happy to answer any questions you may have, just contact us for more information.

All deliveries are weather dependant. Similarly, any act of God that can not be controlled by AHBG (for example a pandemic) can alter and change delivery plans for a set season. 

All orders are non-refundable. 

Starting May 15, 2020 all orders for Nucs will be accompanied by a required 3-hour lesson on beekeeping. If an individual can not commit to three hours of video lessons their order will not be processed.