#1 - Buy bee friendly non GMO flowers!

Bees all over the world are losing their habitat! Planting flowers in your garden, yard, or even a planting bucket can help!



#2 - Buy local raw honey! Buying honey lets all bee keepers know that they need to keep their bees (sometimes it can get challenging). Here at Arkansas Honey Bee Girls we guarentee our honey is not only  raw but also local!



#3 - Bees get thirsty too! Be sure to leave a small or large container outside with water in it! Sure it wont be drank very fast, but the bees sure will appreciate it!


#4 - Don't use chemicals or pestices on your lawn! And yes, that means weed killer as well! Most pesticides will eat a bee from the inside out. And considering how closeknit a hive is, one  bee landing in poisen of any sort can kill the entire hive

#5 - If you want to take a bigger step into the honeybee community - try our Rent A Hive program! You will have your own personal hive that will flourish and help your community drastically! Plus you don't have to do the work - just contact us and we will take care of everything!

#6 - Take honeybee courses! We offer them both online and in person. Even if you are not interested in getting bees at this exact time - being prepared for them and learning about them can help with your envolvment in the honeybee movement!

#7 - Understand that honeybees are not out to get you! When they come up and land on you or buzz you they may simply be curious or need a break from all of that flying! Plus if you were bright colors they may simply think you are a giant flower!

#8 - Get educated! Even if you don't take a  course the best method of action is to          research about the honeybees! Find ways you can help them!