One of the main platforms for the beekeeping community, and it is great for both the experienced and the beginner, freeing up their time so that they can enjoy the bees themselves even more. Our honey extraction service is exceptionally simple, we travel to your farm and using our portable honey spinner, spin the honey out of the hives for you.


We all love our own bees of course, so it is important to stress that we are as careful with your bees as we are with our own, and our honey extraction service is always safely delivered every time. Of course, with us doing the honey collection using our portable honey spinner, it gives you the chance to focus more on your bees themselves and enjoy the rest of the beekeeping process.


While beginners may be attracted to our honey extraction service as they ease into every aspect of beekeeping, as it gives them one less challenge in the early days, this is a service for everyone and can be equally as useful even for experienced beekeepers. The thing is, time can be a problem for anyone, and even for those who have extracted their own honey for years, sometimes it's just simpler and more practical for us to do it for them.

We make sure that our honey extraction service is simple for everyone, with a range of options to suit farms of all sizes, and with our portable honey spinner, it's efficient, safe and fast. We are very flexible with the service, and that includes multiple options for collecting payments because we want our bee community to thrive, and making sure this service can reach as many people as possible is our number one priority. With our friendly, caring service, our expertise and caring approach to your bees, our honey extraction service could be the answer to your problems, get in touch to find out more.