June Addition - Top 5 Honey Bee Facts

Everyone has heard of bees. In fact the majority of people even know a few diffrent kinds of bees. One of the most popular and eco-friendly (as well as human-friendly) bees happen to be(e) the honey bees. From their small .00025 lb bodies to the amazing and tastful honey that they produce, the little creatures themselves are something facinating. Below will be a five amazing honey bee facts that are sure to blow your mind (especially #3)!

#1 - The smallest honey bee hive normally contains a minimum of 10,000 honey bees, however their is normally 60,000 plus honey bees in a hive.

#2 - Out of all 60,000 bees only one is a queen, and even so only about 100-500 will be drones (boy bees). The rest of the honey bees will be girls, which are called worker bees.

#3 - The queen will on average live 5-8 years, which is not very long. During the summer she is the busiest of all, laying anywhere from 2,500 to 3,000 eggs daily. The queen also has control over if she lays a drone or worker bee egg. If she uses stored sperm to fertilize an egg the bee will be girl (worker bee) and if the egg is not fertilized it will be a boy (drone).

#4 - Both worker bees and drones only live 45 days on average. Similar to the queen, their busiest months are in the summer, however, the drones do nothing but lounge around the hive until it is time for them to mate with the queen. The worker bees spend the majority of the summer pollinating the surrounding flowers, producing honey, cleaning the hive, taking care of both the queen and the baby bees, and ensuring the hive is collectively prepared for the winter.

#5 - Only the worker bee and queen can sting. However, due to the queen not leaving the hive in normal conditions, she is normally not the one that stings. A worker bee however, has a barbed stinger. Seeing as humans have elastic skin, when a honey bee stings us our skin catches the barb causing the stinger and all attached organs to be pulled out of the bee which ultimatly causes the bee to die. A queen bee does not have a barbed stinger, her stinger is smooth, therefore she can sting multiple times without dying.

Bonus fact - Honey Bees communicate with one another by dancing. This dance is called the "waggle dance"

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