Our Rent-A-Hive program is an elitist commercial service perfect for both corporations and residential areas. Below you will find some of our most popular locations to place honey bee hives for the Rent-A-Hive program.



Schools and Universities

Manufacturing Facilities 

Distribution Facilities

Retail Stores/Malls

Nursing Homes


Nightlife Corporations

Residential Areas

Our Rent-A-Hive benefits far outway the cost of the program. None of our local nor regional competitors can beat the amazing benefits we offer to all of our clients. From our on-call beekeeper to the honey you would receive back from your hive, you will be 100% satisfied with our program!

Honey Harvesting

Though it generally takes 1 year to produce your honey from your beehive, we guarantee we will spin down and give you 50% of the honey back with the option of us purchasing the honey back 

Customized Hive Equiptment

Everyone likes something a little different, and with our customized honey bee hive, you can ensure your corporation's bees stand out from the rest. Add a name, custom color, or painting

On-Call Beekeeper

Due to our nation-wide connection of women beekeepers, we are able to provide an on-call beekeeper at every location to take care of your bees, no matter where you are! 

In-person Training

The easiest way to ensure no one gets hurt on the job is by supplying in-person training to your employees as we set up the hive, teaching them what to do around the bees and what not to do!

Increase Pollination

Honey Bee increase wild plants and flowers by 90% simply by pollinating the area surrounding them. By having a beehive commercial crops should increase by roughly 30%

Environmental Friendly 

Due to the honey bee recently hitting the endangered species list, having a honey bee hive will increase your organization's environmental friendliness

Routine Bee Hive Checks

We will call and schedule routine bee hive checks at at least once a month, however, we are normally able to fully inspect the hives at least twice a month 

Installation and Maintenance

Our program ensures that your hives are well cared for and maintained by professionals. We install the hives and keep them up throughout all seasons of the year